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A non-profit service designed to help your community get and keep CalFresh any time, from any device.

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“This is the first site that lets you apply for CalFresh on your phone. You are not tethered to a computer, you don't have to be with a CBO, you don't have to visit an office. You can do it wherever you are.”

- Leo O’Farrell, CalFresh Program Director, San Francisco HSA

Our mission is to help close the CalFresh participation gap. We are committed to helping you continuously improve the enrollment process and to providing a dignified experience for CalFresh applicants.

Simple for your clients, simple for you

  • A mobile-friendly application written in plain language that takes clients 10 minutes to complete.
  • We interface with and It comes through to your system of record just like any other application.

We’re great listeners

  • We’re responsive to feedback and requests from counties, users, and CBOs, and are constantly adding new services and features.
  • Our team is always available via email, text, and live chat on

Secure and accessible

  • was built to serve all users. It works on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers for any application situation.
  • All information is stored and sent to counties securely, with data encrypted in transit and at rest.

What’s the cost for counties?

There is no cost. Code for America is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping governments improve service delivery via technology and has been selected as a certified outreach contractor with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS).

How do we promote / advertise?

We align promotion efforts with existing outreach activities in counties, and work closely with the California Association of Food Banks (CAFB) and other CalFresh experts. Ask us about outreach campaigns we can run in your county.

How will this impact eligibility workers' workload or business process?

We do everything we can to minimize any potential impact. The application comes through like any other application submitted via or If clients choose to submit verification documents at a later date, we work with you to identify the best way within your existing business process.

What outcomes should you expect from using

Counties have seen an increased number of applications with a higher success rate. Through email and text messages, live support, and tailored messaging, we help people complete their interview and submit verification documents on time.

Are other counties working with

We currently serve 58 counties in California and are selecting new counties to bring our service to.

What does a county need to get started?

We can be available to your residents within 24 hours. All we need is a conversation to understand your priorities, processes, and a CBO account created for "codeforamerica."

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